Alternative Development Model & Peace

Empowering Change for a Peaceful & Sustainable World

Peace & Development are deeply intertwined and mutually reinforcing. Development lays the foundation for peace by addressing basic human needs, alleviating poverty, and fostering communication, cooperation, and understanding. At the same time, peace provides a secure environment that is essential for sustainable development and progress.
With a vision to explore and advance a new model of development, India Center Foundation (ICF) and International Forum for Peace and Understanding (IFF) have joined forces. Together, they aim to bring together global leaders to co-create a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive model of development that places peace and justice – both social, economic, and environmental – at the forefront.
Alternative Development Model (ADM) is a new model of socio-economic development, that espouses the non-exploitation of people, resources, and the environment at its core and works towards creating and executing initiatives for equitable and empowering opportunities. ADM-
places peace at the center of its approach to development
designs and implements initiatives that are environmentally responsible, equitable, and sustainable
envisions a world that is balanced, sustainable, inclusive, and fosters peace

ADM & Peace Round Table

Empowering Change, Fostering Peace

The ADM & Peace Round Table, brought to you by the India Center Foundation (ICF) and the International Forum for Peace and Understanding (IFF), will bring together leaders, policymakers, and academicians to explore the need for a transformation from the current exploitative model of development to the new ADM model. The round table will delve into the significance of this intergenerational collaboration for the maintenance of peace in the world through the following topics under discussion:

Geopolitics in the 21st Century

How shifting power dynamics creates instability and how can it be mitigated.

Nuclear Risk Reduction

Why we have every reason to fear the bomb, and why India’s No First Use policy is of the utmost importance for multilateral risk reduction.

The Causes of Peace

What can contemporary scholarship teach us about the most precious of commodities.

The Nobel Peace Prize– Past, Present, Future

Role of Nobel Prize in empowering processes of Peace & Development- An ADM Perspective

ADM & Peace Round Table

Empowering Change, Fostering Peace


Mr. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay

Chairman, India Center Foundation

Dr. Asle Toje

Co-President, IFF

Prof. Alexander Harang

Co-President, IFF

Hon. Terje Rød-Larsen

Diplomat, Former Minister of Administration & Planning, Norway

Hon. Herman Van Rompuy

Former Prime Minister of Belgium

A Peaceful World is a World at Peace with itself

A peaceful world is more than just an absence of conflict and violence; it is a world that is at peace with itself. In such a world, peace is not only an elusive goal, but an achievable one. By actively working towards a more equitable and sustainable future through the Alternative Development Model, we can create a world that is at peace with itself and in harmony with all its inhabitants.
Your voice and ideas are crucial in shaping a brighter tomorrow. Join us in our quest for a better future and be a catalyst for change.


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